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Preference Screening

Anderson Baillie check all data every 28 days, ensuring you remain data compliant at all times at point of mailing.

Due to the high volumes of direct marketing taking place in modern times, the DMA (Direct Marketing Association) has laid down guidelines for communication. Neglect to adhere to these guidelines can result in not only financial loss due to fines that are now in place but your companies overall image.

TPS (logo)

The TPS (telephone preference service) is a database containing details of a number of SOHO and small businesses that have registered their number on this list. This indicates that they are not receptive to marketing and sales based telephone calls. Under an act of law, calling anyone registered on the TPS will result in hefty fines.

MPS (logo)

Some small businesses and SOHO companies have opted onto the MPS List (Mailing Preference Service) indicating that they are not receptive to direct mail based communications

FPS (logo)

The FPS already contains over 500,000 subscribers who object sales or marketing based faxes being received. It is imperative we ensure to identify FPS subscribers before faxing commences.

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